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Problem/Opportunity: Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from drug abuse. Globally, 322 million suffer from major depressive disorders and 264 million from anxiety. One in five Americans suffers from some form of mental illness.

It’s a visible problem in society, and it’s expensive. The World Economic Forum estimated that in 2010, the global cost to treat all mental health illnesses was US$2.5T (with 2/3 as indirect costs).

The current pharma solutions for depression alone are estimated at a $50B/year industry, and 40–60% of patients don’t respond to their first treatment.

Solution: Psychedelic pharmacological compounds…

Introducing a world where anyone can make anything easily and cheaply online

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What is No Code and Low Code?

It’s software and tools that one can use to build software products and automation without having to write any original code or write only a minimal amount of code. The implication is that anyone anywhere will be able to use these tools to build a product. The cost of development will go down significantly.

What are some examples?

Zapier. Allows you to connect all your apps together and to automate actions. For example, every time I heart a Tweet, it creates a record of that Tweet in a Google sheet with the details. You want to try it for yourself…

“Oh, I did terribly. Rank 2527. Don’t worry — there are others at Avanti who did much better.” Krishna beams at a young man sitting next to a computer, he puts a hand on his shoulder and continues, “Rahul here is a 331, Abbas who you just met from curriculum is a 420!”

I am at Avanti Learning Centre’s headquarters in Mumbai discussing the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance exam; Avanti is a company founded to provide high quality, affordable test preparation for the exam. Everyone in the office knows their number or ‘rank’ as it is called here…

My flight from Accra landed at a painful 5 am local time. I stumbled into a taxi and directed the driver to head straight to an address in Ferndale, a suburb of Johannesburg. It was my first time in South Africa and I was dropped off at an unassuming building — nothing noteworthy — it had formerly served as an insurance office. The driver looked a bit puzzled at the destination but this was clearly the correct address. A tall flag post with a bright blue SPARK Schools flag waving along with the South Africa flag marked the campus. …

Katelyn Donnelly

Investor @ Avalanche VC. Katelyn co-founded Delivery Associates and Pearson Ventures. Constantly curious. Duke grad, Kauffman Fellow, McKinsey alum.

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